Fee for Service

The Wellbeing Hub is a school based model which offers broad access to immediate and ongoing psychosocial assessment and intervention for children and their families. It has a flexible framework that ensures individuals within school communities who are experiencing issues impacting upon their emotional, psychological, educational or physical welfare, receive early intervention and support.

The Wellbeing Hub model provides professionally supervised social work students placement in a school setting. Each school utilises a minimum of two students during their placement period. A minimum of two students enable the students to support each other during their placement and meet the needs of the school in a more comprehensive manner. Supervision and immediate support of students is conducted by the ‘Wellbeing Co-ordinator’ who is employed by NACYS. The Co-ordinator is a highly skilled, tertiary trained professional who has many years of experience in working with young people and their families. The Wellbeing co-coordinator works individually with each student and funding for the co-ordinator is provided by the schools involved in the model. Funding is reviewed annually and the level of contribution is negotiated in a collaborative process between the school and NACYS. 

The student’s relevant University provides external supervision and placement review. Students are additionally supported in the school environment by a key staff member nominated by the school to assist with the model. Students remain on placement for 500 hours, which equates to approximately 17 weeks. Young people in the individual school communities are referred to the Wellbeing Hub by school staff. 

Social work students provide broad psychosocial support that encapsulates general therapeutic work/counselling and case work. Work with students and families occurs on an individual or group work basis and is conducted onsite at the relevant school. 

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