Craft Groups

Studio Pot Luck Craft is held every Tuesday and Friday 9am - 2.30pm
There is a small materials cost.

Excel Spreadsheets:

Come join Gabrielle on a Friday between 11 - 1.30pm to learn how to create and use basic spreadsheets using Excel. Each lesson is catered to individual experience where we work from easy weekly budgeting spreadsheets and work our way to designing more complex monthly budgeting spreadsheets.

Mens Group: 

Come join Boyd for an informal friendly support group chat to help develop self esteem, confidence and general well being on Mondays from 10am


Money Minded budget volunteers work individually to assist people to create a workable budget. 

Come join our G.O.A.T. skills (Get help, Organise, Ask questions, Talk about it) program Fridays 10am - 12noon, and share personal budgeting advice, skills and tips.  

Support & Advocacy: Available 

ACE Programs: See Education and Training

Social Enterprise Projects: N/A

Heart Foundation WALKING GROUPS 

NACYS invites you to join us, please call to book in. 


* Please note* 
Back to Basics classes have been changed. Monday 10am - 1pm

M.E.N.S. Brochure

Pot Luck Craft Brochure

Women's Group Brochure