Mens Group: 

Come join Allan for an informal friendly support group chat to help develop self esteem, confidence and general well being on Wednesdays from 10am

ACE Programs: See Education and Training

ACE Program’s are structured to help individuals wishing to re-engage in learning to meet their personal, or employment goals but who may face social and economic barriers to participation in formal learning. Programs are delivered in a relaxed community setting, learning is tailored to address the individual’s needs in small groups of adult learners with the flexibility of one on one coaching.

Non-accredited Foundation Skills programs are designed to provide a high level of support and to engage learners into relevant training that develops their ability to function effectively in life, community and work. Non-accredited Foundation Skills may have a focus on any of the following literacies:  Functional literacy—Employment literacy—Computer literacy—Community literacy—Financial literacy—Cultural literacy


M.E.N.S. Brochure