Children's Services Employee Level 4

Northern Area Community & Youth Services Inc - NACYS Childcare Centre

Job description

Position title

CSElevel 4

Award/ Agreement

Children’s Services Award 2010


Children’s Services Employee level 4


A CSE level 4 employees, having successfully completed a Diploma in Children’s Service, or equivalent as recognized by licensing authorities, is appointed as a person in charge of a group of children.

A level 4 employee will progress to the next relevant level after a period of one year or, if employed for 19 hours or less per week, after 24 months.

A person at CSE level 4 will also take on the same duties and perform the same tasks as a CSE level 3 if required to do so.

Position Objection

The employee is responsible, in consultation with the Manager, for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a developmentally appropriate program for individual children of groups, while ensuring that:

  • There is a commitment to the need for each child to be given individual attention and comfort
  • Staff are supported in the provision of quality care, that meets the needs of individual and groups of children and supports their learning in accordance with the Early Years Learning Frame work
  • The Philosophy, policies and procedures of service are upheld, and implemented
  • The children and families of the child care community are liaised with, and encouraged to contribute to the quality and success of the service
  • General supervision is provided to allocated employees within the services


Diploma in Children’s Services or equivalent as recognized by licensing authorities.

Skills, knowledge and experience

  • Ability to interact with children in a positive, sensitive and respectful manner
  • Ability to demonstrate positive behavior strategies and support children’s learning of same
  • Ability to work with other team members in the inclusion, support and care of all children
  • Sound Knowledge of current child care practices
  • Good Knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Sound Knowledge of QA principles
  • Knowledge of licensing Regulations under the relevant Act
  • Good Knowledge of child health and safety including safe environments, nutritional requirements, infectious diseases and infection control
  • Appropriate skills, knowledge and training in food safety and hygiene as required under the food safety legislation 2001
  • Experience interacting with groups of children up to 6 years of age
  • Well-developed observation and reporting skills
  • Well-developed knowledge of inclusion principles
  • Thorough knowledge of center’s philosophy, policies and procedures
  • Thorough knowledge of work practices
  • Ability to cope effectively in an emergency or stressful situation
  • Willingness to accept supervision and seek direction
  • Effective interpersonal skills and verbal and written communication skills
  • Effective consultative, interpersonal and supervisory skills
  • Effective time management skills
  • Good keyboard, computer and software package skills
  • Ability to sue digital recording devices

Special conditions

  • Current Senior First Aid qualification

(Or willingness to obtain in first (3) months of employment at this level)

  • A criminal history clearance as per the current relevant statutory requirements
  • Successful completion of relevant responding to abuse and neglect training
  • Appropriate skills, knowledge and training in food safety and hygienic of food and equipment as required under the food safety legislation 2001
  • Attendance at out of hours meetings, training and Service Function may be required
  • Current Driver’s License would be an advantage
  • The employee will receive training and development relevant to CSE 4
  • The employee is legally required to read the NACYS Work, Health and Safety Policies and abide by its directions at all times and in all circumstances.
  • Take reasonable care to protect his/her own safety in the workplace and avoid adversely affecting the health, safety and welfare or any other person through any action or omission, or through neglect or misconduct at work.

Responsibilities and duties

All responsibilities and duties must be carried out with regard to and including:

  • Reasonable protection of the health, safety, security and well-being of all children and staff within the service.
  • Adherence to relevant policies, procedures and statutory requirements
  • Respect for and inclusion of diversity in its many forms
  • Respect for and maintenance of confidentiality, including via electronic media/ social networking
  • An employee at this level will be working with individual groups of children.

Delivery of quality care and children’s programs

  • Implement the Early Years Learning Framework for individual children and groups in consultation with the Assistant Director/ Director
  • Record observations of children for the purpose of program planning to support children’s learning
  • Develop, implement and evaluate daily care routines
  • Plan and facilitate the inclusion of children with additional needs, including children with disabilities, children with complex health support needs, Aboriginal children and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Maintain and support a safe environment for staff and children
  • Contribute to and support QA principles

Leadership and teamwork

  • Actively contribute to the development of strong team work skills and the certain of a supportive team environment
  • Actively support accountability, legal compliance and duty of care to children
  • Ensure policies and procedures are adhered to
  • Provide effective and fair leadership to staff under employees supervision
  • Maintain accurate records as required
  • Participate in staff development and professional learning opportunities as required
  • Responsible to the Assistants Director/ Director for the supervision of students on placement
  • Support a culture of continuous learning in the workplace (including own workplace learning)

Organizational relationships

Varies according to the prevailing operational model

  • The employee will be responsible to the Manager ECD
  • The employee will be responsible for the supervision of

Extent of Authority

The employee is responsible for the quality of his or her work and for the supervision of other employees where required, with routine supervision and feedback form the Manager.

The declaration on the next page is added to final job description. This must be signed before the employee commences in his or her role at the service.


  • Ensure appropriate and timely completion of work time records and infromation for correct payment wages
  • Comply with the appropriate reporting procedures and requirements
  • Contribute to discussion about collaborative administration processes as requried.
  • In all matters associated with the broader organisation, the incumbent will take direction from the Chief Executive Officer.

Communication with families

  • Liaise with families and support family contribution
  • Provide verbal and written information to families, as delegated by Assistant Director/ Director


I have read the job description for Children’s Services Employee level 4 and agree to carry out the responsibilities and duties of this position diligently and to the best of my ability

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